• Cash payment
  • Bank Payment
  • Важно!

Cash Payment.

  1. Please visit our office with your passport.
  2. Please give your passport to our consultant or provide or unique ID for confirmation of registration.
  3. Оплатите в кассу за тест.

To make Bank payment for test.

  1. Use any bank nearest you for payment.
  2. Fill out the receipt specifying the following details of GRBS:
    R/C: AZ62PAHA40090AZNHC0190069379
    Bank: “PAŞA Bank” ОАО
    Code: 505141
    Beneficiary's TIN: 1700767721
    C/A: AZ82NABZ01350100000000071944
  1. In the payment details, please include - the full name of the applicant, as well as your unique ID assigned during registration.
  2. Enter the amount of payment for the test.
  3. Send confirmation of payment with a copy of the receipt to ielts@ielts.az
    (please indicate the full name of the applicant or a unique ID in the subject line of the letter)
  4. A confirmation will be sent to you within 2 business days from the moment you send an email with a copy of receipt.

Until the manager confirms your registration and payment:
The application for the test is in the status of preliminary *reservation.
*Reservations for the IELTS exam ends 2 days before the test.

* * * * *

If you have not provided all the necessary documents and have not paid:
*Personally provide all *necessary documents and make payment in our office.
No later than 2 days before the test.
If you cannot * personally come to our office,
You can send all the necessary documents in scanned form.
to our email address ielts@ielts.az
No later than 2 days before the test.
A list of all * necessary documents can be found at the following link:

* * * * *

Draw your attention to!!!
Registration for the test includes biometrics procedure
(certificate photo and fingerprint scanning).
This procedure can be performed on the day of the test.

* * * * *

We will be glad to answer your questions:
Tel: (+994) 12 599 00 61
Email: ielts@ielts.az
Adress: 28 May m/st, Pushkin street, Baku Central Hub, Demir Yol Plaza, GRBS Baku Office 15/16 floors