Test Centre No. AZ010

Online results are not official confirmation of IELTS examination. Only IELTS certificate (IELTS Test Report Form) issued to you by IELTS Center serves as an official document confirming IELTS examination and obtaining of certain score

Under the rules of exam, results may be available not earlier than the 13th day and no later than 28th day after the date of exam

The results appear on the website at 17.00 Australian time (AEDT)


Instruction for data entry to view online results of IELTS test: 


1.       In ‘Given / Other Name (s)’ column enter your name in English (as specified in your ID or passport)

2.       In ‘Family Name’ column enter your surname in English (as specified in your ID or passport)

3.       In ‘Passport / ID Number’ column  enter passport series and number specified in Application Form

- enter both passport series and number.

- enter ALL figures and letters (if they are available in passport series or number) together,      without spaces, no № icon.

- If passport number or series have letters, enter them in Latin shape.



- Passport of the citizen of Azerbaijan is entered as P6312344 (1 letter and 7 figures together)

- Identification Card of the citizen of Azerbaijan - AZE06001234 (3 letters and 8 figures together)


4. Enter date of birth

5. Choose the date of test


* If you are sure that you enter all the data on the right website, at the right time and in the right format, but you still cannot see your results, please contact us




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